Jim Ward Broken Guitar poster print

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Jim Ward of At The Drive-In with his broken axe “backstage”. Jim recently told me that he loved that guitar and kept playing it after this until it ended up being stolen in San Antonio in 2010, after which he never saw it again. I love this photo cuz it looks timeless to me. It was taken on November 27th, 1998 but it looks like it could have been taken fifty years before that or anytime in between. Could be some Happy Days shit, nothing in the photo screams modern. Feels like another lifetime ago honestly. This show was at Chain Reaction in Anaheim, CA with The Murder City Devils and Apocalypse Hoboken. Other photos I took this night ended up on the artwork for their second album In/Casino/Out. These two images are available as a poster print in the Primo store now. Use code rose for 15%, smash the link in my bio.