Ink & Dagger Gilman Street by Travis Keller

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Ink & Dagger photo by Travis Keller

“This was 1998, maybe my third time out on tour. We were out for like two weeks– up the west coast with a couple shows across the border in British Columbia. The Icarus Line (plus me), Bluebird and Ink & Dagger. This tour was rough and pretty much everything that could go wrong, did. It was fucked but we were still so young that we barely noticed. We really looked up to Ink & Dagger, so the whole thing felt pretty big time no matter how shitty it got. Despite having expected Ink & Dagger to draw more (based on what they’d told us), we were still kinda of in awe of them. Or at least I was – especially Sean McCabe (right). He had that extra something, that star quality for lack of a better term. He was just larger-than-life. When he entered a room people took notice, and it wasn’t because he was the best looking guy. I was always kinda surprised Sean liked me. I really felt honoured to be his friend and it really gave me a lot of confidence. I learned a lot from him, just about life and how to act. In fact it’s safe to say that his attitude, and overall demeanour heavily influenced the tone of what I would write on Buddyhead in the early days. When he died, it hit me hard. I still miss him. I took this post-show photo of Sean and Joshua Brown outside of 924 Gilman Street in Berkley. Playing Gilman Street was definitely one of the highlights. I don’t think anyone played very well but just being there was totally like scratching one off the bucket list. Oh, and Jello Biafra from Dead Kennedys was there and bought a copy of everything from every band’s merch table. Punk.”

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