Girls Outside An Elliott Smith Show 1999 poster print 2

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Photo by Travis Keller

This is one of my favorite rolls of film I’ve ever shot. Which is kind of funny cuz I shot it so long ago and I also fucked it up. But I am over here preaching that sometimes mistakes are good. Here’s a a run down of the shots, which are in the extract order they were shot. I just scanned the whole roll in. 1) and 2) are from the end of Elliott Smith’s set at Yo Yo A Go Go in 1999 3) is the homie, Aaron Farley 4) is Marko Shafer with Maya Martin from the Black Sabbath accordion video on my IGTV. And the rest are just people I thought looked cool outside the show, which was at The Capitol Theatre in Olympia, WA. If you haven’t read my other story from this same day just scroll down to the May 7th, 2020 post on my instagram. It’s ia photo of Elliott in a “I’m The Boss That’s Why!” hat. Anyways, later this night I ended up getting drunk (possibly for the first or second time ever I think) and accidentally opening the back of my camera, exposing these. Was scared I was gonna lose the whole roll but it wasn’t that bad and these were the most effected. You definitely don’t always get this lucky with fuck ups. But when and if you can, try to embrace your mistakes and roll with em. That’s my new shit.