City Hall 2020 Poster Print #1

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I love Los Angeles, even in a pandemic. I heard someone say that LA looks like it’s auditioning for the movie role of the city during a pandemic, and they’re not wrong. Shot these flicks of City Hall last night all lit up blue. Shits fuckin gorg! I think it would be a lot more gorg if they froze rent and banned cars but hey that’s just me. Last night felt like the end of an era, because it was. Today is the beginning of phase 2 in LA’s plan to reopen. Here’s to hoping the people of my city figure out how to act and don’t blow it. I don’t have a lot of faith but I’m trying to be positive. They’re starting to open shit today by letting shops that sell flowers, toys, music, books, clothing and sporting goods, as well as car dealership showrooms all open. You still can’t go inside, those are only curbside pickup for phone or online orders. On Saturday, city hiking trails, trailhead parks and golf courses will reopen, with the exception of Runyon Canyon, lol. Still gotta wear face masks and 6 feet of distance between everyone. Welcome to the new normal everybody, hang in there. We’ll get through this. Just remember tho, the stay at home orders aren’t for us. Don’t be selfish, look past yourself. We’re staying home to buy time for the doctors and the people working on a vaccine.