Berniehead coffee mug

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The Bernie Sanders / Buddyhead backwards gun mash up Coffeys mug you asked for, or didn't.

The punkest way to say you support Bernie. Feel the burn.

Profits from this shirt will be donated to the Bernie Sanders 2020 Campaign‎.

from instagram:
I got some requests to make Bernie Sanders x Buddyhead mash up tees yesterday so I fucking made some. Link in bio. America, fuck yeah. Basically the lesson here is ask and you shall receive. But yeah, I just wanna be really clear that this was not my idea. I never woulda made these if a bunch of you didn’t ask for em. Which means you better pony up and buy this shirt, which is the most punk way to say you support the only presidential candidate not owned by billionares and corporations. Most the profits from the sales of these tee will get donated to the Bernie Sanders Campaign 2020. And make sure you go vote for Bernie today cuz he’s the only one who doesn’t take money from billionares and speaks for the people. You can register at your local polling place, it’s easy and it feels good. Do it. ? TK